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Nathan “Drizz”Johnson

The Rain Never Felt So Good

Not only a musician, but a true unorthodox poet, Drizz uses his art to spark the seed of Love with his direct, expressionist and eclectic approach.

His music embraces a multitude of styles, from the auto-tuned hooks a la T-Pain, to the ever-green melodies of Stevie Wonder and the soft touch of artists such as Floetry.

Hailing from Detroit, Drizz strives to portray energy and raw emotion through his recording and – especially – through his live shows, where his energy and inspirational lyrics and melodies find a first-had connection with the audience.

His debut album “Soulful Rain: Love Sessions Volume 1” has been released early in 2013 on SoundThought Recordings. Produced by Marquis and Eric Johnson, this album is a true insight in the future of music, offering a fresh take on R&B to the world. 

Drizz's  second album the Roses and Revolvers Ep released 2016 continues to push musical limits while reaching overseas to country like the U.K and Japan. R&R is a fusion of R&b , Rock and pop that speaks to the heart . This masterpiece is gaining high praise from critics and fans a like. 

Drizz's music is the rain the world has been waiting for and the rain never felt so good

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Soulful Rain

Love Session Vol 1 

Celebrate the Heartbreak

Drunken Love