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pic of Napoleon

Jourdan Nelson, better known by his stage name N.A.P.O.L.E.O.N. (knowledge and politics on living every day off nothing) is Record Producer, Emcee, Artist, and Film Director from Detroit, MI.  Musically, he’s best known for his conceptual lyrics that carry erratic rhyme patterns and heavy punchlines over diverse styles of beats.  N.A.P.O.L.E.O.N. became a self-taught artist at the age of 4.  He gained a passion for Hip Hop in his teenage years after becoming intrigued in artist like 2Pac, Canibus, Ras Kass, Dr Dre, Outkast, Redman, and Wu Tang Clan.  He later learned how to alter his drawing skills into creating Hip Hop lyrics.  Years after learning how to rhyme, the detroit native taught himself how to program the Yamaha PSR-270 to create beats.  


After graduating high school, he attended colleges like R.I.D (Recording Institute of Detroit) and Henry Ford Community College to learn Graphic Design, Audio Engineering and how to become an Independent Recording Artist.  In 2011, N.A.P.O.L.E.O.N. started the record label Punchline Records LLC and released his first mixtape “Emcee Dumb It Down”, along with  “Serious Knowledge ”, and “Planet of The Crates”.  His stage name is an acronym for knowledge and politics on living every day off nothing (N.A.P.O.L.E.O.N.). His belief is whether good or bad, something can be made from nothing.  N.A.P.O.L.E.O.N. has performed on the stages of many Hip Hop Lounges in Detroit such as The Bullfrog, C Note Lounge, The Vine, Bert’s, Artist Village, 5E Gallery, and Dabls African Art Gallery.   In 2011, He directed the political hip hop documentary “Soul Hood Detroit”, which is based on the adversities of Detroit and its Underground Hip Hop Artist.




The E=MC 2 DUMB_IT MIxtape